Why Life Hacks Are Important Branded Content

life hacksIf there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s life hacks; or short tips or tutorials meant to make our busy lives that much easier. Regardless of what your brand messaging is, chances are your product/service enriches or simplifies lives in some way shape or form. This is perfect for brands, especially ones that struggle to come up with creative content like images, infographic, blogs and videos for posts,  online ads and content marketing. Think about the ways your product is or can be used in a way that makes things faster, easier, and more efficient for your users and go from there. The vast majority of consumers are living fast-paced, hyper connected lives that require us to do more with less time. Find the root of your brand, or rather the questions it answers or problems it solves and allow that to guide you in creating useful content.

Blog Posts

Writing still reigns supreme in terms of the way many consumers find and share their favourite life hacks. Usually in the form of lists (list this one!), they’re sometimes much shorter and more straightforward than long winded posts of opinion or testimonial. Focus on creating a post that’s long enough to give the needed information but short enough to have viral impact – the quicker people can read or scan through to specific parts quickly, the more likely it is that they’ll save it for later, repost or share the content for others to read as well.

life hacks video tutorial

Video Tutorials

Creating video tutorials is probably the most obvious option when thinking about creating life hacks and other branded content. Think about the content your users will want to see most in a more visual format. Are there features of your product that is less well-known but makes it even more useful than before? This is where it will be important to pay close attention to consumer feedback about your product via social in particular. People may find alternate uses for your products that, while it may not have been your intended market, can be touched on tutorials o you don’t have to change up all the other information surrounding it – like website product descriptions etc. Creating tutorials don’t have to be an elaborate film production, either – just consistent. Most of our everyday mobile devices can shoot HD video, and some apps can even edit the footage quickly and easily. Tons of people are visual learners who grasp information better when seeing it rather than reading it, so find the system that works best for you and start creating.life hack inforgraphic

Charts & Infographics

Much like video, images can be a great help to those who learn better visually than by reading the same information. You may not have a graphic designer on payroll – but consider freelancers or online tools like Canva to create images that are both engaging and useful. Don’t be afraid to repurpose information that can be found in other places on your website into more compact images that can be easily shared on social media. From diagrams to maps, there’s tons of places you can pull from to create great visual content for your brand. Creating an infographic that speaks to a whole market or niche rather than to only your product is also a great way to make sure it’s spread far & wide. Other brands are more likely to use it and link back to your own brand in the process.

It;s important to remember that all of these things should be specifically marked with your own brand so that in the event that it gets shared beyond your own social reach, your logo and information is accessible so people can come back to the source.

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