What Are Micro-Moments and Why Do They Matter?

mobile micromomentIn years past, the decision-making process for most tasks were pretty straight forward. The advent of the internet gave way to researching an item before heading to the store, and even this method has become slightly outdated as most people reply on their mobile devices as their main source of internet access. This fragments this cycle down into even smaller parts, known as Micro-Moments.

These moments highlight those times, specifically on the go where quickly accessible information is of the utmost importance. They can be broken down as I Want To Go, I Want To Do, I Want To Know and I Want To Buy. As our reliance on GPS and navigation increases, it’s important to know what relevant services and locations are close by when searching for a particular item, and which of the multiple results is the best choice. Being aware of context clues like location will help you to determine the types of messaging that are most important to deliver. Providing store hours, directions and items in stock when near your retail location, for example, is important information that will help the customer decide where they should be going.

More and more, research is done on-the-go as more searches are done on a mobile devices than on a computer, according to Google. Snap decisions are being made in these moments, so it’s important for your brand to be ahead of the curve and have the ability to handle each one. Consumers are comparing, watching and reading information on your brand; and possibly others in order to narrow down and justify their purchases.

Micro-moment smart phoneThe fact that more of our online activity is occurring on our mobile devices already implies a sense of urgency and people needing that information quickly. Consider what a consumer may want to know, and make sure it is easily accessible. Something as simple as making sure your website is well optimized for mobile viewing and designed in a way that keeps the most pertinent information at or very close to the top or starting point of the navigation.

Consider all the possible moments that apply to you brand and map them out. Do you provide a service that is generally needed in a rush or emergency? Do you sell a product with lots of competitors, but a tutorial video would set you a cut above the rest? Your brand needs to be prepared to capitalize on these in-the-moment occurrences to ensure you don’t miss out to a brand that thought ahead. A cosmetics brand with no examples on a face shape or skintone besides what’s on the packaging could lose out on a sale to one with a wide array of images, variations, choices and tutorials on their websites or social media accounts.

Consumers expect much more from brands, and the need the information they’re looking for quicker than ever. While in-depth research still occurs on a regular, be aware of the fast-paced consumer base you likely have, so you can prepare yourself and stay a step ahead of the rest.

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