Using Popular Apps To Your Advantage

woman holding phone popular appsIt’s no secret that Pokemon GO is everywhere. People young and old are playing the popular game on their devices, walking around their respective cities and catching the digital creatures. What might look like a normal, quiet empty street might be teeming with the creatures once you look through the apps camera. It’s a game that’s spreading like wildfire, driven mainly by the nostalgia of the of the original card game.

Just like with any digital space that becomes popular, it’s important for brands to think about the ways they can capitalize on it and and use it their their advantage. Brick & mortar restaurants especially have taken to purchasing lures on their properties and making that clear on their signage that they can be caught inside their establishments, and many have seen their businesses grow because of it. There’s even a location in North Korea, a country that typically blocks the very type of GPS technology the game requires, that is seeing booming business thanks to a glitch that allows GPS and the Pokemon GO game work perfect well there. Business of all kinds can benefit for fun and cool apps like this that take the world by storm. But how?

Where Are You?

With Pokemon GO specifically, you can do so much more in terms of marketing towards people who are in the vicinity of your business. Pokemon GO is one great example of the ways that location services in conjunction with regular marketing as well as social media. Brands and businesses can use the game to increase foot traffic in a number of ways. The game is a useful blend of real-life alongside social media so take advantage of that to not only boost checkings and foot traffic, but get customers to engage with your brand online as their share their progress and how many they’ve caught – and where.

New Ways To Market

Pokemon GO is the first game of its kind to be wildly popular all over the world, and along with that comes newer ways to interact with your consumers both online and in real life. With this new phenomenon will likely come many more games like it – and brand new opportunities to conceptualize and execute marketing strategies that work with these newer platforms. It’s yet to be seen what the possibilities of this new online space is, so it’s important to consider that new ways to market will be the way to go.

Online and Real Life Collide

Like many VR games, Pokemon GO exists both in the real world as well as your smartphone, bridging the gap between the two so you can change how you interact with both spaces. It will be important for brands to consider how these trends will continue and new ways to interact with consumers will continue to appear in new ways. The technology used is so broad that many of these platforms and forms of communication will begin to emerge overnight, so it’s important to be prepared for these changes by thinking about the creative marketing strategies that are possible with it. Planning ahead can help brands stay ahead of the curve so when more of these platforms become commonplace, you’ll be better able to create content for and around it.


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