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Why Brands Need To Make Engagement Their First Priority

Followers & likes are two of the most coveted things in social media on brand and personal pages alike. Amassing hundreds, thousands or even millions of followers was part of the digital goals for many brands. But then what? Over the last few years, it’s become obvious that having tons of followers isn’t the only…

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Tips For Making Eye-Catching Branded Content

It’s no secret that visual content reigns supreme in the world of marketing and beyond. Everywhere we look in the digital landscape there’s many eye-catching images¬†being used to tell a brand’s story and give us more information than words alone ever could. Rich content helps to not only catch our attention – but keep it.…

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How Digital Marketing Will Change In 2016

With the new year in full swing, the digital marketing landscape continues to change rapidly. Strategizing for this first quarter of the year should have happened already, however there are always tweaks and adjustments to be made to accommodate how quickly things can change. If you haven’t already, take note of some of these trends…

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Why It’s Time To Focus Even More On Digital

Yahoo! recently released this informative infographic about consumer habits about content consumption and digital habits, and shows that many of us are more responsive to ads from our tablets and smartphones than traditional television, and we’re also less likely to be distracted by another device. More than ever before, we multitask with 2 or 3…

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Digital Marketing Tools Your Should Be Using in 2016

With a brand new year upon us and the holiday rush finally over, it’s time to get into gear when it comes to the first quarter of the year. Branding and budget wise, these are crucial months in planning and executing to stay on track for the remainder of the year. As important as planning…

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