What Bounce Rate is Good?

what bounce rate is good

A client recently asked me if their 50%+ bounce rate was concerning and if they should make efforts to optimize it. Whether bounce rate is important to optimize for is a very good question and a surprisingly tricky one to answer. Everyone’s situation will be different based on the type of content they provide and…

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What’s the Minimum Budget to Promote my Website?

website online promotion

In the past, advertising campaigns on TV, or Print would require huge budgets as the minimum nuber of impressions was so high. Online marketing is an interesting medium because you can start with essentially any budget. That being said, there are many reasons not to start with a budget under about $500 unless you’re going…

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How Instagram’s Changes Will Affect Digital Marketers


Photo and video-sharing platform Instagram has gone through a lot of changes over the years, and many of these changes have made it even easier for digital marketers to do their jobs. While these changes weren’t implemented with that in mind, it’s important to acknowledge the ways it can be helpful in the long run.…

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How Can Brands Benefit From Ads On Platforms Like Snapchat?

With the continually rising popularity of Snapchat, it was really only a matter of time before advertising on it would be an option beyond branded accounts. Though a few users expressed some concerns over the move, it will likely become just as common as Facebook or Twitter Ads. The messaging and sharing app is going…

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How Brands Are Using GIFs More Than Ever

GIFs or, Graphic Interchange Format images are nowhere near a new format. Hotly debated pronunciation aside (most people use a hard G as in Graphics, but the format’s creator has said it’s pronounced with more of a J sound), GIFs serve many purposes in digital spaces. While traditional JPEGs will always be a popular way to…

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Should Brands Be Paying More Attention To WhatsApp?

By now, we’re all familiar with the usual online platforms that provide opportunities for direct digital marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google in general to an extent. Getting right in front of as many eyes as possible been a tenant of online marketing for as long as there’s been an opportunity to advertise in…

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What Facebook’s Reaction Buttons Could Mean For Brands

Yesterday, Facebook made an important change that might change the way users interact not only with each other, but with brands. Rather than just the standard “Like” option to react to posts, users can now choose from a range of reactions by hovering over the like button to reveal the buttons and accompanying emojis for Love, Haha,…

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Social Media Don’ts

social media

When it comes to branded social media, there are endless lists and articles about the things you should be doing – tips and tricks that will help your brand win at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & more. From using visuals to help get your point across to using your public feed as a chance to tackle…

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Tips For Creating Great Video Ads

More and more, video is coming to the forefront of digital marketing as one of the most effective methods for a number of reasons. Not only can they serve the purpose of providing information and encourage viewers to buy into your brand, well-produced video ads are going viral and standing on their own as independent…

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Using Social Media For Market Research

By now, it should be pretty clear that social media is a great way for brands to connect with past, current and prospective customers in a new refreshing way. With a few different platforms, it’s easier than ever to not only share your brand messaging with the world, but also interact, provide customer service and…

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