Why Brands Need To Pay More Attention To Apps

As we become more and more dependant on our mobile devices for communication, research, entertainment, shopping & more, it’s becoming more important for brands to have a deeper understanding about exactly how these devices are being used. Mobile users are most certainly using specified apps more than anything else on their phones or tablets, with most…

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Reaching Millennials

More than ever, brands are trying to target one of the most powerful consumer segments on the market: millennials. Between the ages of 18 – 35, millennials have immense buying power, and there are nearly 100 million of them across North America. This group is one of the most diverse and digitally engaged populations ever, and…

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What Are Micro-Moments and Why Do They Matter?


In years past, the decision-making process for most tasks were pretty straight forward. The advent of the internet gave way to researching an item before heading to the store, and even this method has become slightly outdated as most people reply on their mobile devices as their main source of internet access. This fragments this…

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