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Startups and Online Marketing

How Can Brands Benefit From Ads On Platforms Like Snapchat?

With the continually rising popularity of Snapchat, it was really only a matter of time before advertising on it would be an option beyond branded accounts. Though a few users expressed some concerns over the move, it will likely become just as common as Facebook or Twitter Ads. The messaging and sharing app is going…

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Dark Posts

Are “Dark Posts” Next In Advertising?

The point of branded social media posts is for it to be seen by as many people as possible, but some brands are gravitating towards using “dark posts” for social media. These targeted pieces of written or visual content are meant for specific viewers and readers. Think private YouTube videos that can be viewed if…

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What Twitter’s New Changes Mean For Brands?

Social media rules change all the time, but Twitter’s 140 character limit is one of the most long-standing. Driving markers crazy for years, the sometimes restrictive feature has also helped us become more concise in our messaging – helping us craft captions, comments, questions and more in such a short amount of space. Meant to…

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Marketing During Downtime

Depending on what your brand or product is, you might be faced with a period of the year that is much slower than others. Tons of products, services and brands run on a seasonal schedule of being the most active during certain times a year, everything from movies and TV shows to clothing and accessories specifically…

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Choosing The Right Social Media Platforms For Your Brand

It seems like almost daily, a new social media platform “du jour” pops up, offering more of the same features as the most popular players with a little twist or something extra. Startups from all over the world purport to be the next Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and while some take off and become popular –…

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social media

How Brands Can Make The Most of Facebook Messenger

Gone are the days when your Facebook messages were exclusively for friends and family, with more and more brands sliding into your messages in a big way. With Facebook private message evolving into an instant chat service, it’s natural for brands to grow right along with it – giving you instant access to brands and companies…

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How Brands Can Encourage Employee Brand Advocates

We’ve discussed brand ambassadors on this blog in the past and though it’s generally referring to partnering with outside sources, it’s also important for brands and companies to look internally for people who can convey their brand messaging the best: their employees. For most companies, there’s a good chance that their company is full of…

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Why Brands Should Choose Their Influencers Carefully

For many brands, working closely with influencers and brand ambassadors are great ways to spread awareness about their products and services. In print and digital advertising and across many forms of social media, connecting with a know name can do wonders for conversions and new clients. It’s important for brands to weigh out the costs…

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Google Adwords Introduces Bumper Ads

It’s well-known that currently, most people look to their mobile devices in order to watch videos, even when a larger viewing device is close by! Watching on mobile gives the viewer more control, freedom and the ability to flip back and forth between other social applications easily to share and respond to what they just…

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Social Media Marketing Around Big News

It’s inevitable that tragic things happen that are not only news-worthy, but literally take over our social news feeds rapidly. Just last week, the world of music took a major blow when legendary musician Prince died at the age of 57. While well-wishes poured in from fans, so did they come from brands wanting to do the…

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