Overhauling Your Social Media Approach For The Year

Overhauling Your Social Media Approach For The YearWith 2017 in full swing, it might be time for your brand to take an all-new approach to how you’re using social media this year. There are always tons of changes that occur within months and sometimes even weeks that affect the way we share information. It may be easier said than done, but always staying fresh across your social media platforms will be imperative in turning your posts into sales and sign ups.

Crunch The Numbers

A good place to start is of course figuring out how your current plan is going. It will be important for you to have a clear idea of how well your current plan is going so you know where some changes could be made. Keep in mind that followers are not a good metric to necessarily judge your previous work from,  and that good engagement should be the goal. Followers will naturally come once engagement is great. From Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, there are plenty of ways to see the analytics of how your posts are doing, the reach and feedback its getting and more so you can figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Stay Social

The point of social is to be social! Make sure that your brand is not relying too heavily on promotional posts that solely push the business instead of conversation that people can get engaged in as well. While sharing vital information about your company is to be expected, that’s not what keeps people coming back – so keep that in mind. Don’t be afraid to inject some more personality into your

Do Some Testing

Play around with a few options and ideas for a new social media plan, as it might be a bit of trial & error. With many platforms now including a live broadcasting feature, there are newer methods of reaching your followers that you may not have considered before. Find out the platforms and options that work best for you, as there might be newer ones that would allow you to reach a brand new audience!

Make A Plan

Once you’ve narrowed down the things that work best for your brand, create a comprehensive plan in a document or spreadsheet so that no matter who manages the social media for your brand, the messaging will be consistent with no obvious changes in “voice” in the event that it ever needs to change hands. It’s also important to understand that this plan isn’t set in stone! Changes in the social media world come at a mile a minute, so a plan that works well now may not be relevant a year from now. Stay open to the notion of change for your social media plan, and don’t get too attached to any one idea.

Put It To Work

Your last step is to just get started! Pick a date that you want to implement your new changes and get going. Again, it’s important to stay open to changing things around just a bit to get the most out of your social media – so don’t be too afraid to go back to the drawing board just a little bit.

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