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Job Hunters (careers, salary)
Freelancers (freelancer, fiverr)
Make Money (get rich, mlm)


Education (tutorial, training)
Questions (how to, what is)
DIY (tutorial, how to)

Content Type

Social Media (facebook, twitter)
News (recent event, magazine)
Reference (wikipedia, quora)
Software (freeware, exe)
Pictures (image, photo)
Reviews (testimonial, rating)
Videos (netflix, watch online)


Local (near me, located in)
Countries (every country)
USA (country, states, state abr.)
Asia (countries, major cities)
North America (countries, major cities)
South America (countries, major cities)
Central Amer. (countries, major cities)
Australia (regions, major cities)
Africa (cities, major cities)
Europe (countries, major cities)


Price (quote, cost)
Free (no cost, pro bono)
Cheap (budget, affordable)
Expensive (high cost, luxury)
Discount (sale, clearance)
Cheap Sites (ebay, classifieds)

Product Details

Used (vintage, pre owned)
Materials (glass, paper)

Purchase Method

Rent (lease, sublet)
Buy (purchase, store)
Financing (loan, pay later)


Years (1900, 2016)
Days (monday, tuesday)
Months (january, feb)


Legal (laws, court)
Homes (condo, 2 bedroom)
Languages (top 100)
Negative (worst, fake)
XXX (you know)
Donald Trump (president of usa)