Modify Adwords Campaign Budgets Across Multiple Accounts

To save you even more time we’ve added the ability to change Adwords campaign budgets across all your clients, right from your SEMPAD Dashboard.

Here’s a quick video walking through the budget change feature

Or you can see screenshots of it below.

How to Change Adwords Campaign Budgets on the SEMPAD Dashboard

On the Dashboard under Settings, simply select the new Budget column.

Campaign Budget Column

A budget column will appear and when you expand your Google campaigns, it will show their budget and you simply need to click on one to edit it.

Change Adwords Campaign Budgets

Once you click ‘SAVE’ that budget will be instantly posted to Adwords.

Please note that video campaign budgets are not yet editable in Adwords since the Adwords API does not fully support them. Google is working on this however and it will be added as soon as it’s available. Also look for Bing and Facebook budget changes in the near future 🙂

Have a great day and as always please post a comment below if there are any questions.

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