PPC Bid AlgorithmsThe ‘Position Algorithm’ adjusts your keyword bids up or down in order to achieve a target position which you specify on the Algorithms page.

SEMPAD’s Position algorithm runs multiple times per day and in essence will bid your keywords up if you are below the target average position, and down if you’re above it. It takes into account many factors along with average position such as Google's estimated first page and top of page bids.

The Position algorithm currently works for search and search with display campaigns on Google Adwords, Google Adwords Express, Bing ads, and Yahoo Ad Networks.

This type of algorithm is ideal for generating exposure or for branding campaigns which contain the company’s own brand terms that they want to display in the top position for, or for campaigns where you want to generate as much traffic as possible at a reasonable cost.

Setting up the Position algorithm in SEMPAD is very easy and intuitive. Simply visit the ‘Algorithms’ page in SEMPAD, choose ‘Position’ from the drop down under Algorithm Type, set a ‘Target’ which is the position you’d like that campaign’s keywords to rank, and a MaxCPC, which is the maximum amount you’d like our algorithms to bid up to in order to attain your average position.

If you're aiming for a target cost per conversion or acquisition as opposed to a position, then have no fear, SEMPAD offers a cpa algorithm too.

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