List of Fake Google Ads Scam Calls

*The contents of this page (aside from the comments, which are their opinions) are the opinion of the author* glad we got that out of the way…
fake google scammers
This page contains a regularly updated list of the phone numbers, emails etc. of people who in our opinion are scammers who pretend to be Google. The hope is that when someone searches for a phone number or email they’ve been given or answered a call from, this will appear and help keep them safe.

If you know of a scammer’s number, please put it in the comments below with a brief note about what happened (anything that helps, their claimed name etc.).

Believe a number should be removed? let us know your name, your company name and contact details then we’ll chat.

List of Phone Numbers

  • 310-356-0177 , (310) 356-0177 , 3103560177

    ‘Dan Smith’ aka ‘Alex’ called claiming to be from Google and requesting feedback. They called another time a few months ago again claiming to be Google. The questions were pretty standard to start, they asked if we’d like a review of the account, then started asking more prying questions about budgets and who the decision-makers are. The questions seemed unusual so we held back on answers and asked them again if they were from Google to which they said yes. If anyone has a lawsuit against these guys, we have the call recorded, just reach out.

  • 310-356-0180, (310) 356-0180 , 3103560180

    ‘Grant Davis’ claiming to be from Google.

How do you Report a Google Ads Scam Call?

We’d really appreciate it if you could add the call details in the comment field below. You can also report the caller directly with Google here. The problem is these guys usually cover the tracks and change up numbers regularly so I don’t know if Google can do much to shut them down.

Who Are these Google Ads Scammers?

We get fake google ads scam calls from these scammers regularly so they must be making some decent money. They’re generally agency scammers who are trying to mine information to steal the accounts. This practice is illegal, unethical and damaging to the industry. We want to put an end to it.

There are a lot of good agencies out there who keep clients for years. Unfortunately there are even more fake experts who turn over clients and use tactics like these.

Google Listing Verification Calls

Now these ones aren’t always claiming explicitly to be Google, but they position things in a way that makes us think they are. It’s generally a robo-caller asking you to press 1 to verify your Google listing and if you don’t verify customers can’t find you etc. etc.

The scammy part here in our opinions is they themselves cannot verify a Google listing, only Google can do that and Google would never call you to do so or try to charge you. They’re trying to get you to pay for a service that is designed to be completely free of charge.

They’ll likely try to bury this page but screw em. If you can share this, it would help. Thanks.

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