How Digital Marketing Will Change In 2016

hand-apple-iphone-smartphoneWith the new year in full swing, the digital marketing landscape continues to change rapidly. Strategizing for this first quarter of the year should have happened already, however there are always tweaks and adjustments to be made to accommodate how quickly things can change. If you haven’t already, take note of some of these trends and shifts that will change digital marketing in 2016.

Mobile First

Digital marketing has always taken mobile devices into account, but this year brands will have to make that their first consideration if they want to have maximum impact. Our mobile devices are becoming the first place we go to for consumer content. Whether we’re looking for information or making an online or in-app purchase, mobile devices will play a big part in  how digital marketing will play out this year.

Social Media Will Take Centre Stage

As important as official websites and traditional online advertising will continue to be, much more emphasis will be placed on social media so it will be important for brands not to treat it as an afterthought. Use your social media for more than just funnelling information from larger entities like websites and consider creative content and advertising that can exist on distinctive platforms

Rich & Native Content Will Be King

As social media continues to become more and more important, so will the content used on the platforms. Text-based messages still get important information across, but branded image and video will take your messaging to the next level especially if they fit into the medium they appear on. As the use of Ad Blockers is starting to spring up, it will be vital to get creative with your advertising think a little unconventionally. Sponsored blog posts, creative native content and advertising with publishers that don’t allow the use of these blockers are just a few ways brands should start thinking out the box for 2016 in order to maximize their reach and make the most of their digital marketing strategies.

pixelated email inbox icon with white and blue

Email Marketing Will Make A Comeback

Not that it went anywhere, but as social media accounts were beginning to rise 3-5 years ago, brands had no yet fully grasped how to make a full circle connection between Tweets and newsletter subscriptions or instagram posts and purchases that lead to inclusion to a mailing list. With platform advertising options that make it easier than ever to sign users up for updates, information, follow ups and more, focus will be placed on email marketing as most users now regularly check more than just work emails on the go. Triggered emails will be just as important as welcome or sale reminder messages, and emails will be a viable way to nudge a user to finish a transaction.


Seamless Experiences

With all of these trends and habits both existing and new, how will consumers navigate all of them? If you haven’t already, this is the year to get your brand in order in terms of creating a customer experience that is fragment-free. This is why getting in tune with your customer as well as anticipating their needs and next steps in order to take advantage of micromoments will be more important than ever. As we continue to rely heavily on our mobile devices and tablets for information, purchases, research & more, it’s important that your messaging and interactions are the same across a variety of platforms. Wherever your digital presence exists, it must be quick and easy for the customer to move to the next stage without missing a beat – and have easy access to assistance along the way.

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