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What The End Of Flash Means For Online Ads

For years, both static image and more dynamic animated ads have existed on the Google Ad Network, while Flash-based websites infused video, animation with copy and text commands in seamless ways. Companies with the resources to create them turned to Flash to create tons of visual interest for their projects – so what changed? Over the last…

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Digital Marketing Tools Your Should Be Using in 2016

With a brand new year upon us and the holiday rush finally over, it’s time to get into gear when it comes to the first quarter of the year. Branding and budget wise, these are crucial months in planning and executing to stay on track for the remainder of the year. As important as planning…

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How To Track ROI From Social Media Campaigns

The ability to track ROI from traditional online advertising like display ads is integrated into almost every online ad management tool; but depending on the platform, gauging results from social media campaigns can be a bit trickier. It’s important to consider the nature of many social media platforms to have an understanding of just how…

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Problem with Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting & UTM Parameters

Godaddy Managed Wordpress Hosting

UPDATE – Godaddy has said they are unable to fix this issue as all standard utm parameters are stripped server side in order to minimize the number of page versions which are cached with their built-in caching service that’s provided with the Managed WordPress platform. It’s odd that not all parameters are stripped. If you…

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