What’s the Minimum Budget to Promote my Website?

website online promotion

In the past, advertising campaigns on TV, or Print would require huge budgets as the minimum nuber of impressions was so high. Online marketing is an interesting medium because you can start with essentially any budget. That being said, there are many reasons not to start with a budget under about $500 unless you’re going…

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Branded Instagram Tips


When it comes to Instagram, many brands do very well with getting the visual aspect of their messaging across to the masses, but there are always tips and tricks for making everything more effective. Having a solid social media plan that includes things like scheduling and a variety of creative content is just the start,…

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Why Brands Need To Make Engagement Their First Priority

Followers & likes are two of the most coveted things in social media on brand and personal pages alike. Amassing hundreds, thousands or even millions of followers was part of the digital goals for many brands. But then what? Over the last few years, it’s become obvious that having tons of followers isn’t the only…

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