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What Facebook’s Reaction Buttons Could Mean For Brands

Yesterday, Facebook made an important change that might change the way users interact not only with each other, but with brands. Rather than just the standard “Like” option to react to posts, users can now choose from a range of reactions by hovering over the like button to reveal the buttons and accompanying emojis for Love, Haha,…

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Social Media Don’ts

social media

When it comes to branded social media, there are endless lists and articles about the things you should be doing – tips and tricks that will help your brand win at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & more. From using visuals to help get your point across to using your public feed as a chance to tackle…

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Using Social Media For Market Research

By now, it should be pretty clear that social media is a great way for brands to connect with past, current and prospective customers in a new refreshing way. With a few different platforms, it’s easier than ever to not only share your brand messaging with the world, but also interact, provide customer service and…

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How Digital Marketing Will Change In 2016

With the new year in full swing, the digital marketing landscape continues to change rapidly. Strategizing for this first quarter of the year should have happened already, however there are always tweaks and adjustments to be made to accommodate how quickly things can change. If you haven’t already, take note of some of these trends…

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Digital Marketing Tools Your Should Be Using in 2016

With a brand new year upon us and the holiday rush finally over, it’s time to get into gear when it comes to the first quarter of the year. Branding and budget wise, these are crucial months in planning and executing to stay on track for the remainder of the year. As important as planning…

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What’s Next For Social Media Marketing In 2016?

With 2016 approaching quickly, it’s imperative for brands and publishers to look ahead at the trends that will affect how they share on social. Once a much smaller part of a larger marketing plan, social media is finally seen as a full-on marketing channel instead of just a strategy, and its prevalence for brands shows…

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Why You Absolutely Need Visual Content In Your Marketing

It’s no secret that we live in a visual society and respond more to images and video than written content at times. While copy is definitely still an important way to convey vital information, the rise of platforms like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest proves that pictures really do say 1000 words, and that consumers respond…

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How To Track ROI From Social Media Campaigns

The ability to track ROI from traditional online advertising like display ads is integrated into almost every online ad management tool; but depending on the platform, gauging results from social media campaigns can be a bit trickier. It’s important to consider the nature of many social media platforms to have an understanding of just how…

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Twitter Swaps Favorites For Likes

In a move that’s been met with a few mixed reactions, Twitter has changed the favoriting function to likes; also swapping out the star icon for a red heart.  This means, among the options to reply or retweet,you’re now presented with the ability to “like” a particular tweet. Much like favorites, the number of this…

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