How Can Brands Benefit From Ads On Platforms Like Snapchat?

fashion-person-woman-apple-largeWith the continually rising popularity of Snapchat, it was really only a matter of time before advertising on it would be an option beyond branded accounts. Though a few users expressed some concerns over the move, it will likely become just as common as Facebook or Twitter Ads. The messaging and sharing app is going to start setting ads to appear between snap stories, with brands like Hollister and Warner Brothers at the forefront of this first wave Currently, ads only appear in Snapchat’s media section in a bid to keep the platform free from too many commercial posts.

The app is rising in viewership everyday, with nearly 10 billions views each day. Looking for new ways to monetize from this high use, they’ve decided service ads in between stories is the best way to do it. Snapchat was largely seen as a fleeting social platform, much like Vine, Cinegram and plenty of others that focused exclusively on short video clip sharing. It’s now grown in users exponentially, so it’s important for brands to attempt to take advantage of that.

So what does this mean for brands? It’s important to think about the options that make the most sense for the type of brand you have, first and foremost. This will help anyone decide if using Snapchat at all, never mind their ads, makes sense for them. Once you’ve decided it’s a platform that will add value to your brand, here are just a few ways Snapchat’s proposed ad format can help you make the most of the feature.

Access To Tons Of Young Users

By even being on Snapchat to begin with, brands have access to millions of users; more than 100 million to be exact, with the majority of the apps daily users under the age of 35. This puts you front and centre to one of the fastest growing and digitally active demographics.

Creative Possibilities

Snapchat is one of the most creative platforms, for a number of reasons. At its core, it’s absolutely a photo and video sharing space, however with content that disappears after a certain amount of time, filters, the ability to send them to specific people and so much more, it’s easy to get creative with the type of content you post.

API Plans

The proposed API will actually looks similar to Facebook’s, though they’ve only invited a handful of tech companies to have full access to the platform to begin with. Snapchat has recently put the time into developing the platform so they can begin full force with attracting even larger and long-term ad clients.

While the feature has not yet opened up to all brands yet, it’s important to keep these benefits in mind so you can make the decision once it’s something that can be accessed by anyone.

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