How Brands Can Take Advantage of Desktop’s Decline

BrandsIt’s no secret that the use of desktops has seen a decline in the last 5 years, especially when it comes to the way that we consume information, find new products and buy things. For many people, if they don’t use a computer regularly as part of their everyday work tasks, people tend to divert to their mobile devices or tablets as the main way they get online. So what does this potentially mean for marketers? It’s important for brands big and small to start to – if they haven’t already – tailor their online marketing efforts to mobile devices. From responsive websites and emails to content that can easily be viewed from social media accounts, brands have to be more considerate of mobile devices than ever before.

Get Visual

More than ever before, the visual branding of your company is important because they need to be able to translate across multiple platforms. From videos on Instagram, the right caption on Facebook to the right subject for an email blast, it’s imperative that you consider all of the details that go into your brand messaging so that they’re clear in their intent and get to the right audience. You might have to hire a photographer or social media manager, but it’s important that you have all of the right tools in order to make a real impact on social media and other online spaces.

Get Personal

More and more, brands have ways of getting even closer to their clients. Use the tools you have at your disposal in order to get to know your customers so you can anticipate their needs, wants, questions and even next moves. Find ways to send personalized emails using email marketing widgets and plugins, or try contacting only a portion of your clients with specific things that you know they would be interested in based on their previous purchasing habits. Short of being invasive, find as many way as you can to really connect with your client base and take advantage of the fact that they will be commuting, shopping, waiting, searching or other in-the-moment activities where their phone or other handheld device will be with them at all times.

Get Compatible

By now, nearly every brand should have some sort of online presence and it’s also imperative that you remember that most people are accessing their timelines and newsfeeds from a mobile device. It’s important to create content that is optimized specifically for these different channels, to make it easier to share without having to go to a computer. From broken links to images that are too large, make choices for your website that keeps a mobile user in mind first and everyone else second.

Connect The Dots

While having all of these online entities is important, it’s also important for you to piece them together with any brick & mortar retail spaces your brand might have. Always find ways to have a consistent flow of traffic both in your online spaces as well as only actual locations you might have, including pop up shops, grand openings, sale events and other special events you might have going on. As reliant as we are on online shopping, many clients still use online materials like your website and social media to do the bulk of their research before going to an actual location to make the final purchase.

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