opt out google ads dda

How to Manually Opt Out of Google Ads DDA (Data Driven Attribution)

If you manage Google Ad accounts, you may have been frustrated recently to have received an email from Google titled “Your conversions will start using data-driven attribution on or after 8/24/22”. We’re going to tell you how to manually stop this from happening. How to Manually Stop DDA from Being Applied Within Google ads, select…

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mdma ecstasy pills

4 Conditions Where MDMA is Used as Therapy

The drug MDMA may sound quite foreign to some. However, this substance, more commonly known as the supposed main component of Molly or Ecstasy, has shown promise in therapies for various conditions. While these results are not conclusive, the evidence is mounting that MDMA and other psychedelics may have a place in the world of…

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instagram followers contest

How to Grow Your Followers With Instagram Contests

Instagram, once a platform for photographers and artists, has established itself as a major influence in digital marketing. There are over 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram, and over 90% of those follow at least one business account. Naturally, brands are using every tool in their arsenal to gain an edge on this popular…

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what bounce rate is good

What Bounce Rate is Good?

A client recently asked me if their 50%+ bounce rate was concerning and if they should make efforts to optimize it. Whether bounce rate is important to optimize for is a very good question and a surprisingly tricky one to answer. Everyone’s situation will be different based on the type of content they provide and…

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seo vs ppc

Should I do SEO or PPC to Promote My Business?

  The Big Decision When it comes to promoting your business online, there are many routes you can take but usually, it boils down to whether you want to focus on SEO or PPC to start. The truth of the matter is both SEO and PPC can be incredibly effective ways of promoting your business.…

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non-google search engines

Five Benefits of Targeting Non-Google Search Engines

Google and its subsidiaries are a behemoth that commands 90% of search traffic. Giant industries exist, dedicated solely to decrypting the algorithm and gaining ground on the SERP. However, not everyone can find success on the platform. Many struggle with Google ranking. No matter how hard they try, it just seems like they can’t get…

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social media

How To Use Social Media To Generate Content Ideas

The rise (and rise) of social media has transformed the business landscape. Product launches, customer support, ecommerce — social media is a flashpoint for virtually every interaction with your customers online. But beyond these features, social media is also a deep well of content ideas. In this piece, you’ll learn why social media is great…

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website online promotion

What’s the Minimum Budget to Promote my Website?

In the past, advertising campaigns on TV, or Print would require huge budgets as the minimum nuber of impressions was so high. Online marketing is an interesting medium because you can start with essentially any budget. That being said, there are many reasons not to start with a budget under about $500 unless you’re going…

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european ad users

GDPR Compliance: Updated Terms & Privacy Policy

As you’ve likely read, the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is coming into effect for residents of EEA countries and Switzerland on May 25, 2018. We have always taken data use and safety very seriously so, in order to comply with these new regulations, SEMPAD’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use have…

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PPC Client Notes

Best Way to Keep Notes on Your PPC Clients

Keeping Client PPC Notes is Not Easy… You keep track of hundreds of details from monthly budgets to how clients want their ads scheduled. Let’s face it, the life of an ad manager is not simple. That’s why today we’re introducing Notes. Now you can keep Notes on all of your folders to stay organized…

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