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PPC Dashboard

Organize Campaigns & Clients into Folders then Quickly Review All Stats on the Dashboard.

Easily Track Performance with Colored Budget & CPA Indicators. Adjust Adwords & Bing Campaign Budgets for All Clients on One Page!


Automatically Optimize Bids for a Target CPA or Position Using SEMPAD Algorithms.

When it comes to analyzing thousands of lines of data, machines do it best. The position algorithm runs 4 times daily to keep you on track.

PPC Dashboard
Multi Device Ad Tool

SEMPAD Works on all Computers, Tablets and Smart Devices.

Work on the run, or from anywhere in the world. All you need is your phone!


Use Our Search Terms Tool to Add Keywords & Negatives to Both Google & Bing, Across Multiple Accounts at the Same Time!

It's The Easiest Way to Add New Keywords and Negatives Across One or More Accounts.

PPC Dashboard
PPC Dashboard

Take Action and Optimize with Weekly SEMPAD Suggestions

SEMPAD analyzes your accounts for problem keywords such as low QS, high CPA, low CTR, etc. and you can pause or adjust bids.


Create Custom Branded PPC Reports that Clients Love

Everything is Automatically branded with the client's logo and your own agency logo

PPC Dashboard
Adwords ad analysis tool

Easily Analyze Adwords Ad Copy

Instantly view stats across multiple ad groups and campaigns. See how lines performed independantly or together.

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